Start of Inktober

Every October, artists around the world take part in an interesting event: a challenge to draw/paint/create a work of art based on the one-word prompts released by It’s a fun challenge to boost productivity and to see what many other artists around the world have created.

This challenge, though created for artists, is used by writers around the world as well! Writers use these prompts instead to create short stories/flash fiction. Both areas of art can have fun with this challenge.

I’ve been super unproductive with my writing this year, and it’s time to up my game. This challenge is the perfect opportunity. So from October 1st, I will try to post a little piece of flash fiction I wrote based on the daily prompt, everyday.

There will inevitably be days when I’m too busy, sick, or just hate my writing, but I will do my best to keep you guys entertained everyday. If you like to write or draw, jump in the challenge at!

God bless and hope to see you tomorrow with the first prompt!


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